Once more MID and Playmodes joined forces to create “Suspes” (Suspended), an architectural transforming installation for the street lighting festival LlumBCN 2015 in Barcelona.


In Suspes, 81 helium balloons with an inner LED are suspended at a height of 20m. A matrix of balloons knotted to a string grid changes its morphology dynamically during the exhibition—a surprise choreography for the audiences that adds another interest to the light.


The 80cm balloons are illuminated with an inner controlled LED, and trained operators manipulate the string grid and helium, changing the heights between 20m and 40m and the disposition along the plane. Using a control system based in pixel mapping, we can light them up individually. The patterns can be controlled and generate in real time, and the change in color is synced with the music.


The show simulates the apparition of stars and constellations in a large aerial dance. The installation can be held outdoors or indoors, and it includes architectural lighting for the surrounding buildings, which synchronizes seamlessly with the balloon matrix.


This is a project by MID, PlayModes, and David Sarsanedas.