Sfera is a light and sound-reactive installation shaped like a hemisphere that is reflected by a matrix of mirrors. It was made from over 300 vintage LED bulbs and controlled in real time by custom generative software that triggers patterns of light and sound in perfect sync.


Made with a metal grid, Sfera features a support and display system for 315 carefully positioned LED bulbs. Every pixel is controlled in real time using DMX protocol. It is implemented with a sophisticated hardware installation of 27 DMX relay controllers and more than 2km electric cable installed under the structure. An array of over 625 mirrors completes the careful assembly, creating the effect of total reflection during the performance.


As Sfera displays the LED bulbs, the reflective mirrors return the glamour while a beautiful electro acoustic soundtrack generated by software and mathematical algorithms is played into a quadraphonic sound system surrounding the installation, immersing the audience in it.


Sfera is a project built and developed by XAA Architecture and MID Studio. It was produced and showed in Barcelona Light Festival LlumBCN 2018.