STARGATE is an immersive light and sound installation inside a real plane that has been decommissioned. In an homage to the hallucinogenic trip of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 film, it draws a gathering of people who embark upon an immeasurable journey, extreme and enthralling.


Through the production of visual and sound sequences that propose the possibility of interstellar travel, we make the crowd travel to space in a serious six-minute outing, from flight and departure. The trip goes through unknown comets and planets then proceeds to other cosmic and solar systems, crossing nebulae, stars and exploring other galaxies at the speed of light, until at long last returning securely to earth.


The plane itself is a craftsmanship venture from Eduardo Cajal, who purchased, changed, and adjusted the DC-9 to hold these kinds of workmanship exhibitions inside it. STARGATE at that point became a collaborative project between PlayMID, creators of the light and sound Stargate show, and Eduardo Cajal (, the proprietor of the plane.


To make STARGATE, we assembled the whole structure, installed the technology, and created the contents, including: the software engineering and hardware engineering, video production, music composition and sound design, and also scripting and programming.


This amazing audiovisual piece developed by MID and PlayModes has room for 50 individuals for each show, at a rate of 300 guests every hour.