The Solstice's Fountain

This work is a light, water, and sound show commissioned by the Barcelona City Council that took place in Catalonia Square during the 2015 Christmas holidays by the collaboration between MID and PlayModes.


The project involved controlling the two DMX water fountains of the square, which was able to perform pressure changes on water pumps, the movement of motors, and RGB lighting for each water jet. We also designed an immersive lighting system using stage lighting and moving heads to create a show that would occupy the whole square, using the water sources as the main element.


In order to create the whole show, we developed a specific software tool based on low frequency oscillators which could be applied to the different control parameters. This development allowed us to create algorithmic water and light behaviors which could be saved as presets. These was sequenced using MIDI Daw software to create the whole sequence with very precise synchronization between light, water, and sound.


Because it was necessary to create the whole show previously at the studio, we built a simulation system using Unity3D which mimics the behavior of the fountains.


The show leitmotiv is the idea of the winter solstice as a rebirth of nature. MID collaborated in developing the control and generative software, and also designed all the engineering.

The soundtrack was composed by Santiago Vilanova, from PlayModes Studio.