Robot OVNI

MID has teamed up with Ferroluar to develop a self-propelled Robot OVNI. This collaboration brings together Ferroluar’s metalwork mastery with MID’s expertise in hardware and software design.


The Robot OVNI has been built using a combination of metal, recycled materials, pneumatic systems, electronics, and lighting. It is controlled via a bespoke software, which employs real-time OSC and DMX. This allows to us to sync the robot’s movements, the music, and the lighting system. Inside the OVNI, a control panel operates the vehicle and a pneumatic system raises the robot on top of the spacecraft, which is five meters tall when completely lifted.

This project was developed for Three King’s Parade 2013 in Barcelona. Its aesthetics pay homage to early sci-fi and 1950s Japanese robots. MID and Ferroluar teamwork is defined by an ingenious use of recycled materials and mechanics combined with a functional and efficient approach to hardware and software design. Previous collaborations include the creation of interactive mechanic animals.

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Applied Technologies

  • Custom software
  • LED lighting
  • Sound design
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Hardware controllers for mecanics and pneumatics