Ample Pong

Ample Pong

Ampel Pong, by Mireia Subirana, is an urban interactive installation inspired by Atari’s popular video game of the 1970s and attempts to instigate interaction between pedestrians. While the Players of the game are the passers-by, the screen acts as a crosswalk and the traffic lights become witnesses.


Ampel Pong was commissioned by the cultural organization "Experimentem amb l’art" and was developed in collaboration with Hangar´s interactive laboratory. Alex Posada lead the consultancy, which included electronics design, sensors, pre-setting, and testing. The artist Mireia Subirana and her team, MID and, worked together on the design of the installation and the development of the computer-player interface.


The project was displayed in the public space, near the art center "Arts Santa Mònica," at the end of December 2010 in Barcelona.

Applied Technologies

  • Floor interactive projection
  • Capacitive sensors and custom hardware
  • Custom software for interactive video-game