Picasso 1936

Picasso 1936. Traces of an exhibition is a show devoted to the exhibition of works by Picasso held in 1936 in Barcelona. The current show is based on an exhaustive in-depth study of the documentary archives to understand in detail the exhibition from 1936.


MID has designed and installed an interactive multimedia installation combining new media technologies and historical documentation.

The project includes a research process carried out in collaboration with the Picasso Museum Centre for Knowledge and Research. MID has developed customized software that incorporates new ways of structuring and formatting information and documents. The exhibition includes a projection mapping installation with interactive content to navigate different narratives around the life of Picasso. In a second space there were two large touch screens with customized software that allows to navigate an ontology that includes all the contents of the exhibition and which are accessible through a simple UI.

“Picasso 1936. Traces of an exhibition” narrates in detail the process of organizing the show of 1936 and the relationship between Picasso and Barcelona. The show also recreates the relationships established during the preparation of the 1936 show between ADLAN, Salvador Dalí, Sabartés, Man Ray, Christian Zervos, André Breton, and Paul Éluard.


Applied Technologies

  • Ontology and data visualisation
  • Interactive audiovisual mapping
  • Custom software for lighting and image control
  • Interactive and tactile interfaces