PHI was an immersive installation created for LAPSUS Festival 2014 in Barcelona.


Throughout nature, art, geometry and architecture, PHI—also known as ϕ— is the magic number and the golden ratio. BLAUS was the first one after Axial and Radial. PHI is an evolution of those installations. According to the blueprint of the space, the architect had constructed it upon the basis of the golden ratio. Then, the work started on the blueprint by subdividing the space using golden ratios proportion. This design enabled a perfect distribution of the elements within the installation. The installation comprises 16 laser beams that created the light and sound performance via an audio source.


LAPSUS Festival (the digital arts and music meet-up attached to the record label) relied on PlayModes and MID for an audiovisual installation in the 2014 edition. PHI is a successor of BLAUS, in which 16 blue laser beams distributed along the CCCB's "Raval" room, separating the space according to golden ratios to create spaces and forms related to the PHI number, accompanied with real-time generated sound.


The heads holding the lasers were arranged on metallic structures in different points of the room, as surrounding speakers, and we used a large number of mirrors to point the laser in multiple directions. All of the elements were controlled by custom software. We also used LED moving heads and strobes in contrast to the laser's minimalism design. Finally, for the sound design we used custom patches programmed in Reaktor that respond in real time to the control software that creates the movement and sound at same time.


The piece endeavors to play with the perception of the audience, using golden proportions in the physical space but also in the software and sound design parameters, keeping in mind that the end goal is to propose basic notions about the relationship of the space and sound sculpted, through light, and soundscapes.