Montjuic De Nit

Montjuic De Nit


Sónar, the international festival of advanced music and new media art, commissioned MID to design the scenography and stage control for Montjuïc de Nit, an event devoted to Barcelona’s music festivals organized by ICUB (Culture Institute of Barcelona).


The projects include the design of LED screens, scenography, contents, and a custom-control system for live events and performances. MID collaborated with the Barcelona studio OnionLab to create the contents in real time.


Sónar’s stage Montjuïc de Nit was located at Avenida Maria Cristina and hosted performances by Bradien, Bruna, The Requesters, Guillamino, Chacho Brodas, and Ángel Molina.

Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony?

Applied Technologies

  • Led screens, pixels and washers
  • Hardware led controllers
  • Custom software to control light and image