Eristoff Internative Festival II

Eristoff Internative Festival II

Created by Eristoff and the communication agency CP Proximity, the Eristoff Internative Festival was the first festival of live music broadcast only over the Internet.


The guest band for the second edition of the festival’s concerts was DELOREAN. In this edition, the attendees of the festival could interact with the visuals from home, sending texts, pictures, and personal information through Facebook Connect.


MID worked together with Onionlab and they produced the scenography, interaction, the stage design and assembly, and all the necessary software to control video and lights in real time during the concert. The lightning sequences were made from software specially created for the occasion with Processing and MAX. For the live production of this concert, we were lucky to count on Joel Mestre, with whom we had planned the position of the different elements and cameras on stage in detail.

Everything results in the value that you wish to take from each experience or interaction

Applied Technologies

  • Led screens, flex pixel and washer led
  • Hardware led controllers
  • Custom software for image and light control