Dreams Of A Faucet

The exhibition Dreams of a Faucet explores the relationship between water and people, from the design point of view. This exhibition was co-produced in 2009 by Círculo de Bellas Artes" and "Sociedad Estatal para el Desarrollo del Diseño y la Innovación (DDI)," in Madrid. In 2012, the exhibition was also installed on "Roca Gallery" in Barcelona, under the title of Dreams of a faucet. Design with the soul of water.

The installation contents are presented via the object that is most archetypal of our relationship with water: the tap, which becomes the narrator of this story.


Dreams of a Faucet displays three interactive installations designed by MID: The Well, the Square and the Spring, which act as a narrative focus. The Well is a metaphor that displays twenty selected projects via audiovisual content. The Square shows six design works about the relationship between water and humans. When turning on a tap, a related object lights up and a video is launched. The Spring is a reflection about water, its beauty and shortage. The Spring recreates a water drop in slow motion, under stroboscopic lights and with fluorescent liquid, using the phenomenon of retinal persistence.


The exhibition contains more than 40 items that describe our relationship with water from different vantage points.


Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it

Applied Technologies

  • Interactive interfaces
  • Lighting and interactive video
  • Custom hardware for lighting, sensors and water drop system
  • Custom software for video players and lighting control