The cooperation amongst MID and Playmodes involves an intervention into the water tank of the Girona City's History Museum. We made a site-specific installation for VAD 2012 which is the 10th edition of the Video and Digital Arts Girona Festival.


Blaus creates a changing atmosphere that is generated by laser beams, other lights, and music. In this immersive audiovisual space the light and sound are combined to impact upon the visitor. Movement of light, sound, and laser beams generates a kinetic atmosphere that transforms the architecture into the main character of a geometric play.


Through the use of self-made technologies, both hardware and software, Blaus re-draws the space by creating dynamical light figures which emerge from the architectural characteristics. The mix of motorized laser beams and mirrors on key points of the room allow for multiple dynamic combinations of three dimensional forms. Also, the formal dramatism introduced by RGB light design, helps to reinforce the concepts behind each mutation.


The relationship of light and sound is the leitmotif that investigates the extremes of synesthetic recognition from this space. A spatial reinterpretation of the architecture happens through this engineering intervention. Acoustic mapping, laser beams, and mirrors uncover particular geometrical parts of the space.


BLAUS is an undertaking in a progression of installments that began at the Lanzarote biennial in 2012 with the venture BlueBeams by Playmodes.

Applied Technologies

  • Custom laser mobile projectors
  • Hardware controllers for robotics
  • Sound
  • Custom software for interactive scenography