“Axial” was an immersive audiovisual space created by PlayMID for the lighting festival Llum BCN in 2014.


Two rows of light beams arranged at the opposite sides of buildings in Ciutadella Park were digitally manipulated to dance with light and sound in the air, which surrounded the audience. Through the digital manipulation of 16 motorized light beams, dynamic light architecture was created, evolving in space and time and creating life forms. Sound designs of the piece were used to give birth to sound geometries, coupled with light architectures.


For the creation of this show, a modular software was programmed for DMX and audio control using MAX/MSP based on the concept of “function chase.” A chain of delayed low-frequency oscillators was used to control light intensity, RGB value, pan and tilt position, and also the audio parameters of the custom-made Reaktor audio engines. This custom light and audio software was used to design, create and play the show, allowing the control of light intensity, color, and the dynamic architectures formed in the space.


The second version of Axial added interactivity functionality and was developed for Lyon's light festival (Fête des Lumières 2014). The users were able to play different modes of the performance using their hands through finger poses illustrated with graphics and instructions on a screen. The light and sound follow the finger movements—like playing harp or a piano, or making waves, depending on the motion and modes selected in the interaction.