VAD Festival 2012

For its 10th edition, the international video and digital arts Girona's festival VAD presents a selection of installations, performances, projections and shows. The festival takes place in five venues around Girona, 4th to 11th October, 2012.

Blaus is a spatial intervention in the water tanks of the Museu d’Història de la Ciutat (the city’s history museum). The space becomes an audio-visual encounter where light and sound are combined to register an aural and visual impact on both the visitor and the place.

VAD festival’s core objective is the creation of both an international platform and an observatory for audio-visual processes and digital tools used for production. Its 10th edition is dedicated to 10 invited artists and collectives who have been present in some editions along the years. Their works constitute a meaningful selection of styles and approaches which have been present in VAD contents for a decade. This selection is also an example of interdisciplinarity as a feature of the digital arts field.