Kernel Festival 2011

The Particle is part of the exhibition Unframed (Kernel Festival, Italy). The exhibition features Alex Posada as an invited artist. The Particle is on show from 1st to 3rd July, 2011 in Villa Tittoni (Italy) in the exhibition Unframed, a show thematically focused on the concept “beyond the limits”. This show attempts to explore certain elements which are outside reality but are still physically perceived, enabling a sensory expansion that generates further visions that are both unpredictable and unrestrained.

During the festival, Alex Posada will be an invited speaker in a round table with Quayola and A. Plessas, and he will also lead the workshop “Open Hardware Lab”. This workshop is part of the educational activities programmed by the festival´s curators.

KERNEL festival defines itself as a vehicle of new multidisciplinary synergies among electronic sound and music, including audiovisual mapping, interactive and digital art and temporary architecture. Kernel project was established as a platform for a continuous and dynamic exchange between the public, emerging talents and internationally renowned artists.